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Theos Marketplace

Partnership with Theos on Theos Marketplace and liquidity mine protocol launched NFTizer in DeFi orbit. We have developed unique features that significantly differentiate us from the crowd of the same projects placed on the market. We have Emphasised the comprehensive revolution that space has been demanding for some time. We brought a completely balanced union between traditional finance and blockchain technology that results in the most exhaustive NFT platform to date.



One more coming star from our locker room. Developed by NFTizer core team, based on the easy-to-reword idea, solving the most common market problem – How to reword specific NFT collections holder with no code interface tool. Easy deployment of Airdrop claim contracts for ERC20/ERC721 tokens with not taking custody of your tokens – You are still the sole owner.

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Wash Trade inspection tool

The Wash Trade inspection tool came up due to NFT price determination, which was one of the topics in our research pipeline in the past few months. It’s undoubtedly one of the hottest topics in space, and we still don’t have a solution on how to prevent it, but we can give our best to educate people about it and give them the appropriate tools to avoid it. This tool has a pretty simple UI, so anyone who can detect the transactions that may point out the price of a certain NFT is pumped up with suspicious activities between the seller and buyer.


This Could Be Us

If you think you are sharing our values, you are dedicated and open-minded, willing to step into the immersive world of NFTs, you should ring the bell and get in contact with us.

Who knows, maybe we have a job opportunity for you.

What We Want To Reach in 2022

First Prize in Polygon Hackathon Contest in Tooling Category

What we targeted as our main field of interest is the Polygon network with all its development possibilities, NFTs, Defi, and Metaverse.

We have opened this year like a champ. Our NFT Airdrop tool: AirBro, won first prize at the Polygon contest and confirmed our predictions related to the development direction we want to stick. Triumph obligates, so our research and building process stays on the same track and further discovers other valuable solutions.

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